Hybrid teaching at Law

Law the 'Cube’ lecture theatre

This seminar room features a number of specific equipment upgrades, including Nuerva ‘Mist’ combined speaker/microphones systems at the front and rear of the room and a wall-mounted ‘controllable’ camera:

A Logitech ‘Meetup’ high-quality webcam, with built-in microphone array and speakers –
this picks up audio including voice audio from all over the room.

Transparent screen
Main projection screen featuring Zoom ‘spilt screen’.
In room ‘assistant’ using laptop to monitor chat etc.


Lessons learnt:

  • A teaching assistant in the room is essential and ideally someone with subject knowledge
  • Zoom is more effective as it permits a ‘split’ screen approach
  • Interactive sessions are fairly rare as most teaching is ‘transmissional’
  • The sessions are technology driven but there have been few problems – most academics are already familiar with the room setup so additional tools are welcomed and training is minimal
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