Student-Staff Partnerships Toolkit

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For colleagues who teach and support learning and would like to enhance their use of the Student-Staff Partnerships Toolkit across different teaching contexts.

3 workshops - 29 Apr, 29 May, 10 Jun 2024.

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Student-staff partnerships are a form of student engagement where students and staff work together to achieve a specific aim.

Incorporating this approach to teaching and learning activities can lead to positive personal and educational transformations, enriching the educational experience for both students and staff. 


The five components of the Student-Staff Partnerships Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to: 

  • provide guidance on what it means to work in partnership with students at Oxford 
  • help teaching and learning support staff determine small changes they can make to incorporate student-staff partnerships in their teaching and learning support 
  • strengthen existing student-staff partnerships 
  • support conversations with students and colleagues about the benefits of working in partnership. 

You can view the five toolkit components by clicking on the tiles below.

The five components are interconnected and complementary, rather than sequential, allowing you to engage with whichever components suit your teaching or educational support context at any point in time. 

The toolkit is designed to be dynamic, providing an ongoing opportunity for you to contribute to it by submitting case studies, further reading suggestions, and suggestions for additional tools

We would like to hear from departments or teams who are looking to work through this toolkit. We can provide support with workshops and help staff identify next steps. Please contact us at


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