Consultancy services

The Centre for Teaching and Learning sits within the University’s Academic Administration Division as a professional service to help departments and faculties facilitate the achievement of their educational ambitions. In order to do this, we work in partnership with divisions, other professional services and students.  

We are able to facilitate timely, pragmatic and effective educational change that is aligned to current strategic priorities appropriate to your disciplinary context.  

Our vision is to create conditions throughout Oxford where excellence in teaching and assessment can thrive. ​

Working with the Centre for Teaching and Learning has really helped us to think about what we would like our students to gain from the degree and how our assessments test the learning outcomes in a useful way.

Dr Amy Styring, Course Director MSc Archaeological Science

What strategic priorities can we help you with?

We invite you to work with us on projects related to three key strategic areas: embedding digital education, integrating academic skills and (re)designing summative assessments.

To find out about each, view the short videos below and follow the links to further information.


Embedding digital education

(Re)designing summative assessments

How will we work with you? 

A typical consultancy project will include: 

  • A scoping meeting to develop a shared understanding of the project and the work required, leading to mutually agreed outcomes 
  • Reflective pre-work to gather initial information from key stakeholders  
  • Workshops to explore issues and design solutions  
  • An action plan for tasks required to take the project forward with a clear outline of:
    • Tasks the Centre for Teaching and Learning can lead or undertake
    • Implementation tasks that you will complete
    • Advice on options for tasks that may require outsourcing
    • A timeline of activities
  • Check-ins at regular intervals to track progress 
  • Peer support from other teams undertaking similar projects 
  • Review and evaluation to ensure the intended outcomes are being achieved and ongoing work is sustainably embedded.  

What is involved in working with us? 

In order to achieve your strategic aims and implement them in a way that is sustainable, this process requires a significant commitment from stakeholders across your department, faculty or course team, including:  

  • Senior team members to ensure the work is meeting strategic aims, by participating in scoping sessions, agreeing resources, and signing off plans  
  • Staff to participate in scoping and implementation tasks to ensure outcomes are sustainable  
  • Students who are the ultimate beneficiaries of the work to ensure we are meeting their needs.    

We will work closely with you in the scoping and planning stage to ensure you understand the input required, and that it can be resourced both for the project timeframe and on an ongoing basis.    

What is the timeframe for our work with you?  

Depending on the project definition and availability of your team, a project could last between a few weeks and 12 months. Most would be expected to complete within six months, but they will always complete in an academic year. If there are additional requirements beyond this, it will be considered as a separate project.  

How can you get started? 

If you would like to discuss working with us on one of these strategic priorities in 2023-24, please contact us to organise a 'pre-meet' to discuss your goals before completing our expression of interest form by the due dates below:


EOI completion dates for 2023-24

Thursday 7 September (Week -4, MT23) NOW CLOSED
Thursday 26 October (Week 3, MT23) NOW CLOSED
Thursday 16 November (Week 6, MT23) NOW CLOSED
Thursday 18 January (Week 1, HT24) NOW CLOSED


We will then work closely with you and your division to ensure the proposed work is strategically aligned. Once your project proposal has been agreed, we will contact you to discuss how and when we can progress the project. 

Who can you contact for further information?

Please contact us at