Teaching Recognition Scheme - Senior Fellow Pathway

The Teaching Recognition Scheme (TRS) Senior Fellowship Pathway is a structured pathway through which to apply for recognition of your higher education teaching and supporting of learners that is accredited by Advance HE.

Upon successful completion of the TRS Senior Fellowship Pathway, you will be awarded Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA). 

Who is it for? 

The TRS Senior Fellowship Pathway is open to all members of staff with teaching and/or learning support roles and responsibilities at the University who can evidence a sustained record of effectiveness in teaching and learning, incorporating, for example, the organisation, leadership and/or management of specific aspects of teaching and learning provision. Senior fellows are likely to lead or be members of established academic and/or professional services teams that lead and influence colleagues teaching and learning support practices.  

Is senior fellowship right for me?  

To find out if your educational leadership teaching and/or learning support experience, roles and responsibilities is aligned to the criteria for senior fellowship you may wish to complete the Advance HE Fellowship Category Tool.  

Please note you will be asked to share the results of your fellowship category tool as part of the application process. 

When is it happening and how do I apply? 

There are two cohorts each academic year.

To apply for a place on the TRS Senior Fellowship Pathway you need to complete the TRS application form by the given date for each cohort.  If you do not have SSO please contact programmes@ctl.ox.ac.uk giving details of the programme you are applying for.

Cohort  Deadline for applications  Notification of successful application  Programme Start date  Claim deadline 


Applications are now closed

Thu 24 Nov 4pm

(7th week MT22) 

10th week MT22 

Wed 11 Jan 

(0th week HT23) 

Thu 22 Jun 4pm 

(9th week TT23) 


Applications are now closed

Thu 2 Mar 4pm

(7th week HT23) 

10th week HT23 

Wed 29 Mar  

(11th week HT23)  

Thu 7 Sep 4pm 

(-4th week MT23) 

How and when is it delivered? 

The pathway starts with an initial in-person workshop on the start date for a cohort. You will meet the tutors, your peers and develop an action plan for your claim.  

You will be supported throughout by a tutor from the educational development team in 1-1 meetings to discuss your claim and gain feedback on it.  

There will be opportunities to attend termly writing retreats and networking sessions with peers as you prepare your claim. These dates will be agreed with the cohort. 

There will also be a dedicated Canvas site with resources and information to support you preparing your claim.    

How is it assessed? 

SFHEA applicants submit a 6,000 word written recognition claim. This consists of a reflective account of practice, giving an overview of your impact on teaching and learning to date, and two detailed case studies, which each evaluate an example of your educational leadership in depth. SFHEA applicants are also required to submit supporting statements from two colleagues who can act as ‘advocates’ and certify that their teaching and educational leadership is aligned with the requirements for Senior Fellow of Higher Education Academy. The claims are assessed internally by two assessors from the Centre for Teaching and Learning and one external assessor.

What do I get on completion? 

The Teaching Recognition Scheme is accredited by Advance HE and on successful completion of the senior fellowship pathway, participants are awarded Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and are entitled to use the post-nominal letters, SFHEA. 

Is there a fee? 

There is no fee for the Teaching Recognition Scheme, but you should have an Oxford Single Sign-On (SSO).  

If you are a medical educator, a tutor based in the Department of Continuing Education, or do not have SSO for any other reason, you may wish to consider asking your department or faculty to arrange a SSO for you. If this is not possible, you should be aware that you will be charged an administrative fee by Advance HE for processing your Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, SFHEA, award. This fee is 50% of the current direct application fee for SFHEA.  

How can I find out more before I apply?  

If, after completing the Advance HE Fellowship Category Tool, you would like to discuss whether this is the appropriate pathway for you, please contact programmes@ctl.ox.ac.uk

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