Preparation for Learning and Teaching at Oxford (PLTO)


PLTO is an introduction to teaching at Oxford. PLTO courses are tailored to local requirements and run by Departments, Faculties and Divisions. They are intended for DPhil or postdoctoral researchers who wish to start teaching at Oxford. College staff are welcome to apply. 

The aims of the PLTO are: 

  • learn about the Oxford teaching system, including tutorial/small group teaching contexts, and departmental organisation/reporting systems 

  • have opportunities to find out about local teaching practices and ways of teaching in your specific context 

  • discuss teaching challenges with peers and more experienced teachers 

  • discuss ways to get started with your teaching 

  • know where and how to access departmental and/or divisional resources to support ongoing reflection on your teaching and the development of your teaching skills 

  • find out about further teaching development opportunities offered by the University e.g. the Advancing Teaching and Learning (ATL) Programme and the PGCert Teaching & Learning in HE 


It is University policy that DPhil researchers should attend a PLTO programme or equivalent before they start teaching.

Please use the divisional links for local requirements for PLTO courses:


To apply for a place and for further details, follow the divisional links: 

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