Hybrid teaching at Economics

Hybrid teaching at Economics

Large seminar room. Economics have been experimenting with a Hybrid approach but at a much simpler level, using existing technologies where possible. The room in question is set up as follows:

A large single screen set-up behind the main lectern/desk, including a Logitech Meetup camera and mic.

The desk monitor is a simple clone of the main screen


A second large portable presentation screen is another cloned version of the main screen
Logitech Meetup camera/mic
Secondary camera ceiling mounted in centre of room
A third portable screen (portable) is used to display the Zoom gallery.
A key success factor is to ensure that the dual monitor facility is set up on the computer/laptop


Lessons learnt:

  • There is limited AV support locally but the ‘DIY’ approach seems very effective – some academics have practiced and rehearsed setting up hybrid sessions and this has proved effective
  • The Logitech Microphones are very impressive – a recent test during a site visit by CTL staff demonstrated their ability to pick up voices from all corners of a large room
  • Zoom has generally proved to be more effective as it permits a ‘split’ screen approach
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