Podcasts work their magic on schools outreach programme

Puzzle screen from a video podcast for 'A Mathematician's Holiday'

Puzzle screen from a video podcast for 'A Mathematician's Holiday'.

Mathematics often has the unfair reputation of being irrelevant and removed from day-to-day realities. A group of students, junior research fellows and post-doctoral researchers at the University (championed by Professor Marcus du Sautoy, Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science) have made it their mission to inspire young people in schools about the true value and versatility of maths.

'Marcus' Marvellous Mathemagicians' run a range of activities including mathematical walking tours, workshops and school visits. However, they were struggling to meet the demand for their outreach work. So they branched out into a series of video podcasts structured, around activities explaining different mathematical concepts, with interesting examples of how maths can be applied, and ideas for the classroom.

Like any communication worth its salt, every podcast needs careful planning, advises Mathemagicians co-ordinator Mareli Augustyn, but with hundreds of downloads extending their operations online has paid dividends.


Since the workshop was already in place, it was merely a case of getting it on film.

– Mareli Augustyn, Mathemagicians Co-ordinator and Schools Liaison Officer

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 'A Mathematician's Holiday': an engaging podcast series for schools


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