Skills audit in Geographical Information Systems

  • Group size: Large or small
  • Teaching type: Any
  • Division: Department for Continuing Education
  • Subject: Geographic Information Systems
  • Tools: Microsoft Forms Likert survey


One important tenet of adult education is that as a person matures, their accumulated experience becomes a resource for learning. For this reason, it is important to assess what skills students already have. A good example is the skills audit survey which students take before they begin a course on Geographical Information Systems. Tutors designed the survey to encourage students to reflect on what they already know and identify their knowledge gaps. 


Survey results can be published anonymously. Tutors can also use survey results to identify skills gaps and so amend teaching accordingly. Microsoft Forms are very intuitive to use, and easy to share via a URL. The survey can also be embedded in a Canvas course. There is a wide range of attractive designs to choose from.


Weaker students may feel demoralised if they fall below the class benchmark in a number of areas.

screenshot of designing or adapting ms survey

Screenshot illustrating a Microsoft Likert survey

  • Contributed by: Lucy Tallents
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