Computer programming lectures and practical sessions

  • Group size: 50 to 70 students
  • Teaching type: Lectures and Practical Sessions
  • Division: MPLS
  • Subject: Computer Programming
  • Tools: Canvas Peer Assignment tool


This course is to educate life sciences students in computer programming. Students are given an initial online briefing session on their assignment. This is kept to a minimum of time to allow for a concentration of individual work and peer review. Students then download their individual programming task from Canvas, complete their coding and upload it again. 

Assignments are disseminated to peers automatically by the Canvas Peer Assignment tool. Students then review the work of another student and then return it along with a feedback form. The form is constructed so it focuses on positive aspects of feedback.


Students receive more regular formative feedback than a traditional course which focuses mainly on summative feedback loaded at the end of a course. This helps development and affords multiple perspectives of their work instead of a single tutor view. Additionally this format reflects real world practices in reviewing the work of others.


The peer feedback tool sometimes needs a little manual curation to ensure that everyone has an assignment to review



  • Contributed by: Dr Eoin Malins
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