An Introduction to Inclusive Teaching at Oxford

The University is committed to helping all students achieve their potential – regardless of their backgrounds.

The Introduction to Inclusive Teaching at Oxford course provides an introduction to inclusive teaching to colleagues who teach students as part of their role within the University of Oxford.

The course showcases a range of inclusive teaching practices that are applicable across different disciplines throughout the collegiate University. Inclusive teaching means valuing the diversity of our students and responding to the different barriers to learning that these students encounter.  Academic and professional staff play a pivotal role in making Oxford more inclusive, and everyone can make a difference.

“I encourage you all to take the time to make use of the great resources available through this course, which can help you to build on inclusive teaching practices for the benefit of all our students. Oxford provides world-class teaching and none of our students should miss out due to their background or identity.”

Professor Martin Williams, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Education

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FIT - Flexible and Inclusive Teaching

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