Replay (Panopto)

The Replay Lecture Capture service offers the third-party Panopto software to enable recording of lectures and other presentations, and deliver them securely to students within Canvas, the University's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Recordings can be made using either the Panopto manual recorder (which is easy to install on your own computer), or a browser-based recorder called Panopto Capture.

With Replay Lecture Capture, you can record lectures in lecture theatres, or a presentation using a webcam and microphone on your own computer. You can record:

  • slides, audio, video or a combination thereof
  • the computer screen (also known as a screencast), with or without audio narration

Recordings can be released to students immediately (via your the applicable Canvas course), using either the ‘Panopto Recordings’ tool on the course navigation menu, or embedded using the rich content editor (e.g. when creating a page).

Note that the My Panopto Folder link has been removed from the User Account menu in Canvas. If you need to access your My Panopto Folder (to practice using Panopto or as a temporary holding area for recordings), this can be done directly in Panopto using your Oxford Single Sign-on (SSO) login. Before recordings are linked to from a Canvas course they should be moved to the appropriate Canvas course folder in Panopto.

Useful links:

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Get started with Lecture Capture



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The Lecture Capture (Replay) service is run by IT Services.