Fine art teaching

  • Group size: 1-5
  • Teaching mode: Individual and group critiques
  • Division: Humanities
  • Subject: Art
  • Tools: Teams


Tutorials have been on Teams with a mix of showing things in the studio using the web camera, or sending links/photos etc of works in progress. With group crits students are not able to have the moment of formalizing/installing work in space. They send links or photos etc. to the group via the chat function in Teams or email ahead of time, or to the tutors who then distribute via a folder in Teams or the chat. Some students also use the web camera as part of a performance. Then in the crit students either use the "Raise hand" function or type into the chat if they would like to speak, and the tutor organizes speaking order or asks questions of the group as necessary.


We are able to continue to develop conversations with students and they are able to get feedback on their work from their peers and tutors.


It is challenging but students have been adapting as best they can. We have also added an addition crit session each week, I think to keep the overall crit length shorter, and there is always a break in the middle so everyone can get away from the screen, before we look at the final works.

As some students may have technical difficulties depending on the resources, equipment, internet access that is available to them, it's important to meet ahead of time with presenting students to check technical issues and if all is in order with the work to be shared.


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