Digital tools transform custom executive education

A man standing in a room covered with screens, the Oxford Hub for International Virtual Education (HIVE)

The new executive education programme at Saïd Business School uses Canvas and the Oxford Hub for International Virtual Education (HIVE) to reach global leaders beyond Oxford.

Photo by David Fisher.

A new development programme for executive and senior leaders at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, reaches a global audience. Angela Adams, Client Director of Custom Executive Education at Oxford Saïd, and her team chose a blended learning approach to increase accessibility and to connect leaders worldwide.

This innovative programme is designed around courses in the virtual learning environment Canvas, which participants complete at their own pace. Wiki pages, for example, host narrative texts, video sessions and self-reflection points. Online modules are accompanied by sessions in the HIVE, a physical space that works as a high-tech classroom. On 27 screens, it brings participants together via webcams. Break-out sessions, direct questions/feedback and the feeling of being in a room to learn together are possible in the HIVE.

Feedback from participants on this course was extremely positive: they were able to network, exchange knowledge and immediately put theory into practice. They found that the use of Canvas and the HIVE supported their learning and allowed for easy interaction with fellow participants around the world.


The peer review was a good way to knowledge share with my colleagues, and through the live tutorial sessions it was possible to understand my colleagues' ideas about what we need to do to improve our performance.

– Leader taking the course at Saïd  Business School

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