Launch of new accessible document templates for GAAD 2023

To mark this year’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD 2023) on Thursday 18 May, the Centre for Teaching and Learning has released new readable and accessible templates to make it easier for anyone to create accessible documents and presentations.

  1. Templates and guides
  2. Online workshop and free drop-in sessions
  3. Previous GAAD resources

1. Templates and guides

The Centre for Teaching and Learning designed the templates for internal use by Centre staff, and we would now like to share them with anybody who would like to make their documents more inclusive, readable and accessible. The templates are easy to modify with branding and colours to suit your needs.

The templates are also documented in detail, together with examples of how they can be used. The documentation also provides tips on how to make the most out of the templates and how to make the most of key features of Word and PowerPoint for more accessibility and readability.

You can download the templates, together with the guidance on how to use them, at readable and accessible templates for documents and presentations.

We also encourage you take the opportunity to mark GAAD 2023 by:

  • sharing the templates with your colleagues
  • scheduling some time to:
    • download the templates and use them
    • read the guide to the templates
    • review a few of your documents or presentations for readablity
    • sit down with colleagues and review best practices.

2. Online workshop and free drop-in sessions

To help you put these templates into practice, we have organised two events:

  1. Online workshop on Thursday 18 May at 12.30pm to find out how you can make the most out of the Word and PowerPoint templates for readability and accessibility
  2. Free Editalong drop-ins where you can book time with assistive technology specialist, Dominik Lukeš, to review your document (individually or in small groups).

3. Previous GAAD resources

You may also like to view resources we compiled to mark GAAD in 2022 and 2021:

  1. GAAD 2022
    1. Suggested actions to take to make your documents more accessible
    2. Links to additional resources
  2. GAAD 2021
    1. Learn about POUR principles of accessibility
    2. Review Oxford guidance on accessibility