ABC Learning Design

In 2023-24, we invite you to work with us on projects related to two key priority areas: embedding digital education and redesigning summative assessments

During our initial consultancy scoping meeting with you, it may be evident that it would be helpful for your course or programme team to explore a range of issues through the use of a Learning Design workshop before agreeing on a specific project and required outcomes.

What does the Learning Design process look like?

Our Learning Design workshops allow teams to review the balance and sequencing of different types of learning activity and to explore the potential of Canvas to support students' learning.

The workshops provide an opportunity to step back and ask:

  • What do I want my students to achieve? 
  • How do I want them to learn?

They provide a supportive space in which to review the balance and sequencing of the different types of learning activities that currently comprise your paper, module or short course. 

Hands-on techniques, including card-sorting and storyboarding, enable teams to explore possible alternatives and their potential implications for both you and your students.

  • What could be gained?
  • Might anything be lost?
  • Where, and how, could Canvas and other digital technologies enhance students’ learning – and your teaching?

By the end of the two-hour workshop, teams will have produced a high-level storyboard for their course or programme with an action plan for developing the learning activities further.

The action plan will feed into a meeting with the course or programme team to review the initial EOI and scoping document and identify outcomes, timelines, and an action plan for project work going forward. 

Find out more about ABC Learning Design

This format is based on the acclaimed ‘ABC’ model developed by University College London.

Watch this introductory video to find out more.