Self-evaluation tools for staff and students


To complement the guide to digitally supported inclusive teaching, there are two self-evaluation tools designed for staff across a range of teaching and learning support roles (downloadable Word document). 

These self-evaluation tools are designed to enable you to:

  • Get a quick overview of your strengths and weaknesses in supporting students with different needs against a set of ten digitally supported inclusive teaching practices 
  • Make it easier to have constructive conversations with colleagues in your course, programme or department about digitally supported inclusive teaching 
  • Prioritise and plan practical actions that you can take to implement and enhance digitally supported inclusive teaching 
  • Get a better sense of what obstacles some of your students may face that could be minimised using digital tools 
  • Discover help and guidance that is available to support digitally supported inclusive teaching at Oxford 
  • Engage students in conversations about how digitally supported inclusive teaching can support their learning. 

We recommend using these tools in collaboration with colleagues, for example in department meetings or away days. The tools include ideas for a range of activities, from a 5-minute self-evaluation to a full one-hour workshop. There are also suggestions for activities that can be run in partnership with students. 

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