Why does digitally supported inclusive teaching matter?

Digitally supported inclusive teaching is an educational approach that uses digital tools to support a flexible and inclusive teaching environment. At Oxford, it means supporting diverse students in their learning by making effective use of University-supported digital tools, which have been designed with built-in inclusive and accessible features relevant to the Oxford teaching context. 

Student feedback collected during the pandemic has revealed how inclusive uses of digital tools can be employed to help students succeed in Oxford’s demanding academic and social environments, and complex ecosystem. The feedback highlights the need for Oxford to retain the benefits of inclusive digital practice in in-person teaching.  

Digitally supported inclusive teaching benefits all students by anticipating and removing common barriers to learning. This is significant, as over a quarter of Oxford’s student population has a registered disability. Inclusive practices reduce the need for individual reasonable adjustments to teaching and learning by taking into account students' varied learning needs from the outset.    

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