The Canvas VLE in Hilary 2020: building on success

After a successful rollout at the start of Michaelmas term 2019Canvas is now being used by over 12,000 students in more than 320 programmes of study across all divisions.

The Canvas @ Oxford Programme has a target of implementing around 500 programmes of study in Canvas, and so in 2020, the focus will be on moving the remaining 200 programmes of study into the VLE in time for the next academic year. This will cover the majority of award-bearing courses available at Oxford, as well as all their subsequent years (e.g. years 2, 3 and 4 as in 2019 the key group of users targeted were first year students).

The University is also planning to end the use of WebLearn for teaching and learning purposes during 2020, and consequently the Programme will aim to move any college and/or tutorial teaching courses using WebLearn into Canvas. Courses will also be created for any new award-bearing programmes that launch in 2020.

A number of customisations, taking account of Oxford specific circumstances, were also successfully delivered in 2019, including the Group Enrolment, Calendar Import and Sign up tools. In 2020 additional customisations will be delivered, along with integrations which will enhance Canvas functionality and usability by addressing areas that have been specifically identified by the user community as requiring improvement.

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