Over 40 more departments and faculties to start using Canvas in Michaelmas term

After a very successful early adopter phase that began in June 2018, the Canvas @ Oxford Programme will be rolling out the Canvas virtual learning environment in Michaelmas term to over 40 more departments and faculties,
covering over 300 programmes of study, across all divisions. As in 2018, a number of courses went live over the summer, including a pre-arrival course hosted by St Hilda’s College for students on the 1st Year BA English Degree, and
some of the courses run by the Department of Continuing Education.

The end of 2019 will see an additional 5,500 first year students benefiting from the intuitive tools available in Canvas, enabling them to participate in discussions and conferences for example, providing more opportunities for communication and collaboration
with tutors and other students.

As well as being joined by new departments including Politics, Earth Science and Music, a number of our early adopter departments will be adding more of their programmes of study to the Canvas platform. The Programme will also be moving a small number
of students from other years from departments including Geography, Archaeology and Statistics.

Support with Canvas

Although the current focus is on supporting those departments and faculties that will be going live in Michaelmas term, we are still receiving many enquiries from colleagues interested in using Canvas to support, enhance and in some cases, refresh, their
approaches to teaching and learning. Some of these are to discuss how Canvas might be used to support short courses, as well as about moving to the platform in 2020. Whatever your query, the team is here to help; moving to Canvas can be much easier
than you think. Watch Laura Spence, Alumni and Communications Officer in the Faculty of History talk about her experience of being supported by the Canvas team.



Contact the Canvas team

To find out more about what Canvas can do for you, your colleagues and your students, get in touch by email on canvasoxford@it.ox.ac.uk.