Advent of Reading and Writing Innovation

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What is this about?

‘Tis the season for finding something sweet every day.

Each day until 24 December, we will profile one device or app that we are looking at in our Reading and Writing Innovation Lab.

We will include one or more from each of these categories:

  1. eReaders
  2. Tablets
  3. Tablet apps for reading
  4. Scanning pens and magnifiers
  5. Hardware accessories such as pens
  6. Desktop apps for taking notes, reading, and organising your reading
  7. Hidden features in tools you may already use

Getting your daily dose

How can you get all this goodness? There are three options:

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Find out more about the Lab

The Reading and Writing Innovation Lab is a place where we look at the various innovations in reading and writing to see how they can make academics and students more productive.

We have some devices for people to try, but we also keep an eye on various trends in both the tools and strategies people use.

You can come talk to us about eReader hardware, organising your PDFs, choosing the best note-taking software, or to talk about strategies to improve your writing.

Find out more on our webpage or book an in-person visit to try one of these devices in person or just to have a conversation about making your reading or writing more productive.

Advent calendar

You can now download the full calendar as a single browsable PDF file.