The Turnitin plagiarism screening service identifies pieces of text in students' work that match with existing electronic texts stored in numerous rapidly-expanding repositories and databases. Academic judgement is required when interpreting the resulting similarity report – there may be an acceptable explanation for high (or low) levels of matching text identified by the software.


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  1. Formative use: Turnitin is integrated with the Canvas Assignments tool to screen formative essays. Students submit their essay to Canvas, and tutors and supervisors can provide feedback using the Canvas SpeedGrader. It is advisable to work with students to interpret their Turnitin similarity reports in order to support them in improving their academic writing and referencing skills. 
  2. Summative use: Turnitin Similarity (a scaled-down version of Turnitin) is integrated with the Inspera e-assessment platform for screening examinations and summative coursework. It is important that exam boards should agree a consistent approach to reviewing similarity reports whether marking in Inspera or offline.  

Support in using Turnitin

  1. Resources about using the full version of Turnitin via Canvas:
  1. How-to guide on using Turnitin (Similarity) via Inspera
  2. Using Turnitin directly via Quick Submit

It may sometimes be necessary to use Turnitin directly via the supplier’s website (turnitinuk.com): an administrator may have received a number of student papers that need to be screened, or an exam (or attachments) may have been downloaded from Inspera. Please request a Turnitin instructor account (if you don’t have one already), providing details of why you require such an account. Instructions on how to enable and use Quick Submit will be sent to you when your instructor account has been created.

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