Symposium guest speaker - Dr Tünde Varga-Atkins, University of Liverpool

We are very pleased that Dr Tünde Varga-Atkins from the University of Liverpool will facilitate a workshop on embedding digital education in teaching and assessment at the Teaching and Learning Symposium.

Tünde's biography

Dr Tünde Varga-Atkins - University of Liverpool

Dr Tünde Varga-Atkins - University of Liverpool

Dr Tünde Varga-Atkins is the interim Co-Director (Digital Education) and Senior Educational Developer at the Centre for Innovation in Education, University of Liverpool, UK and a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Tünde’s PhD was on digital capabilities and signature pedagogies; her specific areas of research encompass areas in curriculum design and evaluation, assessment and feedback, learner experience research and scholarship of learning and teaching.

Tünde has employed multimodal and creative research methods to support curriculum evaluation.

She is editor of Research in Learning Technology and co-editor of the Handbook of Digital Higher Education by Elgar Edwards Publishing.  

Tünde's facilitated symposium workshop

Title: Intergalactic islands of innovation: embedding digital education  

Abstract: Unleash your creativity, teamwork and imagination and get ready for an intergalactic journey like no other! Prepare for a 1-hour space mission that will involve collaborative problem-solving educational challenges by designing pedagogies and digital tools. The playful session aims to share educational innovations and co-create an imagined future of education – and is based on the annual Islands of Innovation festival facilitated by a global committee of educators, coordinated by the Centre for Innovation in Education at the University of Liverpool. 

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