Canvas and H5P sessions

What is Canvas? Canvas is the University's VLE (virtual learning environment).

Who should attend these sessions? Any member of staff with access to Canvas, especially tutors, course convenors, teaching assistants, and course editors and administrators.



Description, date/time, format


Canvas Fundamentals


Description: This session will introduce the basic features of the Canvas Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for teachers and administrators. We will demonstrate tools to manage course content, settings and learning activities. 

Dates and times: Fri 17 Mar (11am-1pm), Fri 28 Apr (11am-1pm), Thu 25 May (2-4pm), Mon 12 Jun (11am-1pm), Tue 11 Jul (2-4pm)

Format: Online via Teams

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Canvas: Using the Assignments tool


Description: The Assignments tool in Canvas can be used to support formative assessment and offers a range of ways for both submitting work and offering feedback. In this short session we will demonstrate how to create an assignment and explain some of the options available. 

Date and time: Mon 22 May (12.30-1pm)

Format: Online via Teams 

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Canvas: Using the Quiz tool


Description: Canvas provides a quiz tool which can be used to test understanding and provide additional learning resources for students. In this short session we will explain the basic principles of how the quiz tool operates in Canvas, what types of quiz format can be used, and explore question types available. We will also consider how question feedback can be added and demonstrate how quizzes can be placed alongside other content.

Date and time: Thu 27 Apr (12.30-1pm)

Format: Online via Teams 

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Canvas: Using H5P to create interactive content


Description: H5P is an embedded toolset which can be used to author rich and interactive content within Canvas. Content types include quizzes, interactive video, enhanced presentations, and much more. It has a wide range of application across many different subject areas, from medicine to languages. This short session will introduce the tool within the context of Canvas and demonstrate how to get started.

Date and time: Mon 24 Apr (12.30-1pm)

Format: Online via Teams  

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Canvas: Using the Oxford Manage Courses (Rollover) tool

Description: This short training session will explain how to use Manage Courses and demonstrate the options available when rolling over, including content and enrolments. We will also consider a checklist of actions once a course is rolled over, and explain areas where certain types of course content do not copy over. Please note this session is most relevant to participants who have or require administrative access in Canvas.

Date and time: Tue 9 May (12.30-1pm)

Format: Online via Teams 

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Canvas: Using the Oxford Groups tool (GET)

Description: The Oxford Groups tool (or GET) is a custom tool in Canvas to bulk enrol course participants through the integration with SITS (eVision). These pre-defined groups can be used to enrol students (and staff) in different types of Canvas courses. Programme student cohorts and Unit groups (eg entire departments, colleges, postgraduates, undergraduates etc) can be selected, and Ad-hoc groups be created. These individuals can then be dynamically enrolled in Canvas courses, at the course or sub-account levels  

Date and time: Tue 13 Jun (12.30-1.30pm), Mon 17 Jul (12.30-1.30pm)

Format: Online via Teams 

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