Goal 4: Support experimentation and sustain innovation in digital education

Oxford’s existing education commitments include the ambition for teaching to be informed by ‘the opportunities for innovation offered by digital technology’ (Strategic Plan 2018-24, Education Commitment 3). Many programmes utilise innovative teaching techniques and practices, some of which have been hastened by the pandemic and others by the increasing digitization of Oxford’s museum and library collections. Where such innovations enhance Oxford’s specific and diverse forms of teaching and learning and prove to be effective, there is a need to provide ways for these to be extended and sustained.

Both the GLAM Digital Programme and Bodleian Libraries Strategy (2022–27) aim to transform the digitization of their collections, providing new opportunities for teaching, learning, research and scholarship. Similarly, research methods in many disciplines are being transformed, with associated implications for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching.

The funding and operational plans for central platforms and services must accommodate the ways in which they are, or could be, used by departments to allow for experimentation and innovation at a local level.



Develop funding models, structures and networks that enable and sustain innovation  in digital education.


Secure strategic partnerships with third party providers to allow early access to evaluate emerging learning technologies, such as immersive technologies.


Showcase excellent and innovative digital teaching and provide routes for these excellent teachers to be recognised and rewarded for their contribution to maintaining Oxford’s outstanding quality of education.


Provide support and opportunities for sharing innovations in collections-based and objects-based teaching. 


Work in partnership with undergraduate and graduate students to adapt education to their changing needs.

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