Goal 1: Provide the foundations for digital education

Securing the foundations for digital education underpins the existing commitment to offer an excellent academic experience for all our students (Strategic Plan 2018-24, Education Commitment 2). To maintain excellence where digital education is employed, it is necessary to address some core needs in order for digital systems and platforms to function well. 

Student feedback collected for the scoping phase of the Digital Transformation Programme pointed to a digital experience that is fragmented across different student-related information systems, where course information and resources are inconsistent and can be hard to access, and fundamental aspects of IT provision are disjointed.

Efforts to enhance existing infrastructure and join up the systems that support digital education need to reduce burdens on staff and students. This should be combined with a focus on developing skills and investment in local resources.



Continue investment in developing a holistic and integrated digital learning environment based on a centrally supported virtual learning environment (currently Canvas) integrated with additional tools and services (eg ORLO, Replay, Teams, Inspera).


Upgrade physical teaching spaces in collaboration with digital education experts, local IT/AV staff and academics, with options for different spaces, teaching practices and suppliers.


Develop people as digitally skilled practitioners, ensuring that local conditions allow staff to access tailored development pathways, which extend their skills in line with local requirements.


Support students to develop the digital capabilities they need to use digital resources and tools purposefully and with academic integrity, to participate effectively in their research and study, and to support their individual learning needs.

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