Online sessions - Using generative AI to support students in their learning

What are these sessions?

These three 60-minute online sessions have been designed to support the Centre's ideas on the use of generative AI to support students in their learning.

Please note these sessions will not be recorded.

Who are the sessions for? 

The sessions are for staff at Oxford who teach, particularly tutors and lecturers.



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Getting started with using generative AI with your students: your first steps into ChatGPT and other tools 



If you have not used ChatGPT yet, or only taken first steps, this session is for you. It will cover common use cases of generative AI for teaching. It will focus both on strengths and weaknesses of the technology, and it will give you an idea of both what ChatGPT is and what other tools are available.  

This session will give you a solid foundation for further exploration, and is also a good preparation for the other sessions in the series. It will cover: 

  • What is ChatGPT and generative AI in general 
  • What is the range of use cases for ChatGPT for teaching
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of generative AI 
  • What are some other tools to serve as alternatives or complements to ChatGPT 
  • Examples of how others are using generative AI to support their teaching.

Thu 18 Apr 2024





Practical prompting: techniques to help you and your students make the most out of AI 



Using ChatGPT is deceptively effortless. It simply responds to any question it is asked. But the way the question is formulated often matters. Generative AI tools often don’t give their users any feedback on how to better prompt it and sometimes even respond with incorrect tips. This session will cover some of the practical lessons learned in the last year about how to best prompt generative tools. It will cover:

  • What is prompt engineering 
  • How do we learn about what prompts work 
  • Key principles of prompt construction 
  • Importance of iteration  
  • 5 techniques for prompt construction and their suitability: 
    • Giving examples 
    • Adopting a persona 
    • Asking for structure 
    • Asking for self-critique (and its limitations) 
    • Chain of Thought (and its limitations). 

Thu 2 May 2024


Navigating the AI tool landscape: understanding the tools that will best support your teaching aims  



There are more and more tools being released. This session will cover the current AI tool landscape with respect to reading and writing as well as principles for evaluating and choosing tools. It will cover: 

  • The big 4 chatbots: how to decide between ChatGPT and one of its competitors 
  • Chatbot or a dedicated tool: how to choose the right tool for the job 
  • Components of AI tools: what questions to ask when choosing a tool 
  • Differences between chatbots and image generations tools 
  • Examples of different tools in action.

Thu 9 May 2024






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