AI in Education: Privacy in childhood

The situation of children in relation to privacy is complex and controversial. This is because the relationship of privacy to technology, trust, equity and security is currently undergoing an extensive process of redefinition within society, which impacts more acutely on children as citizens. This talk develops a typology of children's privacy types within the context of a structured tool known as a Causal Layered Analysis, which is a technique used by some futures researchers to understand present and future social trends. It shows that many of the existing conceptions of privacy are in conflict when applied to children. I argue that this is because much of our concern regarding children's privacy is rooted in our confusion about the role of childhood itself within a post-industrial society.

  • Privacy - how this is defined and implemented
  • Networked society - what this means for children
  • Futures research - how we use new techniques to think about the unknown
  • Childhood - what it means to be a child in the 21st century
  • Artificial intelligence - what are the implications for children's privacy?
  • Education - how might educational settings adapt to respect children's privacy rights?



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