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It has only been 10 months since ChatGPT was announced. The initial response was so overwhelming that we published Four lessons from ChatGPT: Challenges and opportunities for educators only two months later (January 2023). Even two months in, there were many lessons to learn.

Since those early lessons, we have seen a number of developments that have given us more clarity, but also opened up even more questions. For many people, generative AI has become synonymous with ChatGPT. While ChatGPT is still an important driver of many developments, the field has grown beyond a single tool.

This report, Beyond ChatGPT: The state of generative AI in academic practice for autumn 2023 seeks to provide an overview of the key developments in generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) relevant to academic practice that extend beyond ChatGPT.

Generative AI is a fast-moving field with new consequential developments being announced regularly. This report reflects announcements made to 15 October 2023.

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