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Every year, the Medical Science Division's Learning Technologies (MSDLT) team supports teaching staff to run more than 160 online assessments for over 17,000 participants - everything from quizzes and open-book tests to assessments sat under exam conditions, including formal University exams. But it's not just this scale and reach that's impressive. Online assessments can also be incredibly rich, incorporating audio, video, simulations and visualisations to put students through their paces. And they can be versatile enough to process algebra and other complex mathematical elements.

Computer marking gives students instantaneous feedback, and collates real-time data so that teaching staff can spot problem questions quickly and redesign any elements of assessment that are not up to scratch.


What a difference the Question Banks [databases of all the available online assessment questions for a subject] have made to the examiners' job of setting questions this year.

– Course Administrator, MSD

Digital case studies:

Case study

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