IT tips for re-opening offices at Oxford

Departments may be planning and preparing for increased on-site working following the publication of a roadmap for resuming additional University and college activities.

Return to onsite working (RTOSW) guidance for departments has been shared centrally, and we would like to draw your attention to IT-related aspects of this.

IT tips for re-opening your office

If staff will be returning to work in your offices please follow the below steps to help ensure a smooth transition.

  1. Use the IT checklist and contact IT Services as set out in Appendix 5 of the return to onsite working Guidance for Departments
  2. Turn PCs on a week before staff return, to allow time for security updates and other system upgrades to complete
  3. Remind staff to check that they know their username(s) and password(s), and have their phone or other multifactor authentication token with them, as they may be prompted to log in and/or update passwords.

Help is available

If you are unsure about any IT aspect of the RTOSW guidance then please contact the Service Desk for advice.