Resources to support students with revision and assessment

We want all our students to be able to make the most of Oxford’s educational opportunities, and for those of you supporting students with revision and assessment this term, there is a wide range of help available. 

What can I learn from our students? 

It is helpful to reflect on feedback from our students during the pandemic.

Feedback revealed how inclusive teaching practices and inclusive uses of digital tools can be employed to help students succeed in Oxford’s demanding academic and social environments, and complex ecosystem. 

By gaining a better understanding of students’ issues, and recognising the barriers they face, we can respond to their needs more constructively. 

How can I use Inspera for digital exams?

The University’s single source of information about using Inspera provides an overview of the digital exams process, as well as guidance for examiners, assessors and departmental administrators.  

Guidance for staff includes how to create a question set - and how to see how a question set will appear to students once it has been created. 

Please encourage your students to view guidance on the student website if they are sitting online exams or submitting coursework through Inspera.

Where can I find student welfare resources on study and revision?

Student Welfare, together with the Counselling Service, is providing wellbeing and preparation advice for students.

They also have a Canvas site (SSO required) created during the pandemic containing a series of pre-recorded presentations to help students prepare for a study environment that involves some degree of online teaching, learning and assessment. 

Does the Centre for Teaching and Learning have guidance to help me?

The Centre for Teaching and Learning has Oxford-specific guidance on preparing students for exams.  

Guidance includes Engaging students in feedback and Making the most of collections and revision classes.

You may also like to familiarise your students with the recorded lectures information on the student website. The guidance helps students to revise and learn effectively from educational recordings.

Where can I go for further help?

If you would like to speak with someone about any aspect of teaching and learning, please contact our dedicated helpdesk service. The service provides teaching staff with help from experts in several areas, including digital education, educational development, and the Canvas VLE.