New online Canvas course

The Centre for Teaching and Learning has launched a new online course in Canvas – An Introduction to Tutorial Teaching at Oxford (Humanities and Social Sciences).   

The course complements the existing online course for tutorial teaching in sciences, and was developed in collaboration with academic staff and tutors at Oxford, the Standing Committee of the Senior Tutors’ Committee (SCSTC), the Oxford Student Union and Student Welfare Support Services. 

The course aims to:

  • Describe key features of tutorials in the humanities and social sciences, and how they relate to other forms of undergraduate teaching at Oxford
  • Provide practical guidance for planning tutorials
  • Share practical ideas and resources for teaching tutorials, including giving feedback
  • Showcase inclusive teaching practices in tutorial teaching
  • Signpost University policies relevant to tutorial teaching and student support

Staff can enrol on the course at, and view other online courses developed by the Centre for Teaching and Learning