Requesting a new generic email account

If you need a new generic email account for your team or group, look no further! We have recently published a new online form, to help you place your request much more quickly and easily.

This new online form (available through the IT Self Service portal), replaces the old Word document form that you may have come across in the past. 

Who is the new Service Request for? 

This new service request is for the creation of a new generic email accounts for teams/groups in UAS units (as well as MPLS, Humanities Divisional Offices, and Rothermere American Institute (RAI)). 

If you are not a member of the above units, please contact your local IT colleagues who will manage your request for you. 

What is the IT Self Service portal anyway? 

The IT Self Service portal (via Oxford Service Manager, OSM) is the simplest and quickest way to request access and support for many common services.  

The portal contains a wide range of online forms (called Service Requests) for many common requests. Each Service Request ensures that you provide all relevant information that the team needs to help you. Submitted requests are sent directly to the correct team to take action, making the whole process quicker and smoother. Log in using your usual SSO credentials to see the full list or search for a form. 

Top tip

Did you know that there is a page about how to use IT Self Service on the IT Help website? The page has lots of useful information about accessing and managing your service requests, including answers to popular questions. Take a look! 

Don’t forget the IT Help website has lots more useful information too, including answers to many popular IT questions at Oxford!