Support for designing, reviewing and/or redesigning assessment methods

Designing, reviewing and/or redesigning assessments

These resources have been created by the Centre for Teaching and Learning to support departments, faculties and programme teams who are designing, reviewing and/or redesigning their assessment. The resources were created pre-pandemic and can be used to support assessment design for the academic year 2020-21, and/or for longer term planning. The resources are organised as separate documents, as follows:

  1. A set of eight principles for designing assessment with a short explanation of each
  2. A booklet containing profiles of 17 different types of assessment. Each profile contains:
    1. An overview of the form of summative assessment 
    2. Suggestions for formative feedback design for this form of assessment
    3. Pros and cons of the assessment
    4. At least one example where the form of assessment is currently in use at Oxford
  3. An assessment glossary 

Consultancy from the Centre for Teaching and Learning

The Centre for Teaching and Learning can, on request, provide free consultancy support for departments, faculties or programme teams who are designing, redesigning or considering changing their assessment.

Consultancy support can include (but is not limited to):

  • Reviewing current assessment practices and suggesting options for you to explore
  • Facilitating conversations amongst academic staff groups to articulate a range of possible options and opportunities
  • Supporting you to map learning across your whole programme to identify areas such as over-assessment or any gaps in assessing knowledge, skills or capabilities which you value
  • Supporting you to write learning outcomes, assessment criteria, the rationale for any chosen assessment strategy, etc.
  • Supporting you to develop effective feedback practices
  • Exploring with you whether any digital tools can support your assessment or feedback practices

Use the email address to request consultancy, or email

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