OxTIF call for contributions

We are inviting all faculty, staff and students to submit proposals to present at the Oxford Teaching Innovation Forum (OxTIF)

Our Trinity term meeting on 6 May will focus on tutorial and small group teaching.

We are always keen to hear from potential presenters. If you would like to present on a different topic, you can still submit a proposal indicating a later date.


The Forum is primarily intended for Faculty to share their experiences with pedagogical innovation. We also welcome submissions from students or staff if they are relevant to the purpose of the forum.

All proposals will be assessed by the OxTIF planning committee. We will try to notify accepted proposals at least one month before the next OxTIF meeting.

We are seeking contributions with special focus on the following areas but welcome other topics as well:

  • use of technology in classroom teaching
  • use of technology to support self-study, tutorials, development of skills
  • use and development of media (images, video, audio, 3D) to support teaching and learning
  • new approaches to promoting learning, formative assessment, group work, project-based learning, etc.
  • innovation in supporting students with disabilities or other specific needs (including English as an additional language)
  • new research that has direct impact on pedagogical issues of relevance to teaching at the University Format of presentations

We welcome presentations in several formats:

  1. Lightning talks (3 min or 7 min): Ideal for sharing of quick tips, experiences, or raising questions for further discussion.
  2. Presentations (15 mins with 5 min for discussion): Ideal for sharing results of pilot projects, data collected during teaching.
  3. Workshops (20 mins): Aimed at introducing new skills to smaller groups. This can include: software demos with hands-on component, analysis of data, creation of learning materials, etc.

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