Getting ready for Michaelmas term 2021

Planning assumptions for Michaelmas term 2021 are that most teaching is expected to take place in person, with contingency plans to move more teaching and assessment online, if Government or local restrictions are reintroduced.

Some students, for example, those quarantining, or self-isolating, may not be able to attend all in-person teaching sessions during term, and will continue to need access to teaching materials and teaching sessions online.

Education Steering Group has published the University's Expectations of Teaching and Assessment in Michaelmas term 2021. It outlines that in Michaelmas term 2021 the University’s approach will be to return to in-person teaching as much as possible, while retaining online content which is valued by students as inclusive.

Retaining the best of FIT (flexible and inclusive teaching)

In the process of moving teaching and learning online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, both tutors and students have found flexible and inclusive practices that have enhanced teaching and learning, particularly students' independent learning. You may want to retain some of the best of these 'FIT' practices going forward.

Most recently, students were invited to share their experiences through the student feedback channel, one of the student surveys run by the University.

The channel asked open questions about what was working well for students, as well as what they were finding challenging, and what could perhaps be adapted to help support them moving forward.

Through their responses, students provided useful insights into their overall study experience, as well as their experience of different teaching methods. You can view our analyses of their responses on our reports page.

What do our students value?

Responses to the feedback channel told us that students really value:

  • Having access to accessible recordings of lectures in Replay (also known as Panopto), which enables them to study and plan their time more effectively, better prepare for live sessions, review key points and clarify understanding.
  • A single-point of entry for all course information (usually Canvas, the University's VLE), which enables them to access digital versions of teaching materials quickly and clarify expectations for learning across the whole course.
  • Online reading lists which provide direct links to electronic texts as it enables them to quickly find material in an accessible format, even when studying remotely. Oxford Reading Lists Online (ORLO) is the preferred tool for this as it enables reading lists to be structured, annotated and formatted.
  • Multiple ways to contact and interact with their tutors and peers, including anonymous polling, collaborative projects, online drop-in sessions with tutors, and Teams cohorts as it enables all students to engage, participate and learn from others.

Resources and guidance to help you

The following resources and guidance may help as you prepare for this term:

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