Terms of Use policy for Canvas

The Canvas @ Oxford Programme has recently agreed a Terms of Use policy for Canvas. The policy has been formally ratified by the Education Committee and the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education.  

Why is a Terms of Use policy required?    

The policy is required to ensure that Canvas is used for the purposes for which it was selected, namely, for teaching and learning. This will in turn help to deliver a consistent experience for students using the virtual learning environment (VLE) across the collegiate University. 

Administrative use, unless directly supporting teaching and learning, is therefore outside of the scope of the VLE. 

Where there are no alternative systems currently available, such as for the secure submission of summative assessment, WebLearn will continue to be maintained as a system. Other administrative uses will be expected to migrate to other existing technology platforms for their use, such as Sharepoint for the storage and distribution of committee papers. 




The Terms of Use will also be made available in due course on the Academic Administration Policies Guidance page.

If you have any questions about the policy, please contact canvasoxford@it.ox.ac.uk.